Adora-Bull Terrier Rescue

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Kennel building: 

The current kennels in our use are closing down and we have recognized the need to build bull terrier specific kennels and offer our dogs the facilities and rehabilitation they require to be re-homed back into loving homes throughout South Africa. We have rescued dogs from illegal dog fighting syndicates, taken in stray and abandoned souls, rescued dogs from neglectful situations and giving them safe harbor and love in their time of greatest need.

Bull Terrier Rescue requires bricks, cement, building sand and crushed stone to build our kennels. We have been let down by a previous builder who committed to covering the relevant labor costs, and we are now finding it even more financially draining to get to our goal. We ask humbly for any assistance in this regard. We are making headway in our project, but need all the help offered to accomplish this dream.

Your contributions will assist in housing many, many dogs and be a wonderful, lasting legacy of your goodwill and generosity.

Kindly email us should you be willing and able to assist re: any of the above mentioned