Adora-Bull Terrier Rescue

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Though rescue is emotionally taxing and we sometimes have to impart sad and upsetting news, we also like to share the happy stories of the many dogs who have found their new beginnings.

We've put together uplifting stories to prove that every bull terrier is worth a second chance and they prove their love for humans by forgiving us for being such flawed creatures.

Bindi - The Traveling Heartbreaker                            Chicca - from unwanted to leved and spoilt !


Bindi - the traveling heartbreaker !

Bindi was rehomed after the family who purchased her from a breeder could not fulfill her needs as a young bull terrier. She is an extremely friendly, playful pup who went to live with her new family in Cape Town. Her best mate is a shepherd female named Tessa.
Thank you to Juan and his family for opening their home to dear Bindi.
Chicca was surrendered to the Animal Anti-Cruelty league who could not rehome her and asked for the assistance of Adora-bull terrier rescue and rehabilitation. She came to our kennels where she was pampered and loved. She found a new home and is now best friends with a bull terrier male named Chucky. They are like torch and battery.... inseperable! Thank you to Christel and family for taking in a needy soul. She has so much to give and loves her little human brother to the moon and back, and Chucky, of course!~